West Coast Gathering Activities:

Hikes are a popular activity at the West Coast Gatherings

Aerobics and Exercise:
Attendees can start each day with an aerobics or stretching class, or lap swimming in the pool. Water aerobics classes are also scheduled.

There are several hiking trails in the local mountain areas. Group morning, afternoon and early evening hikes are planned.

Among the most popular features of the all nude CMEN Gatherings is the now famous, 88 degree Olympic-sized swimming pool. A variety of activities are available at the pool, including lap swimming, water aerobics, sunbathing, and afternoon tea dances.

Heated Olympic size pool is one of the most popular features of the Conference Center

Seminars and Workshops:
A variety of seminars and workshops offer attendees the opportunity for education and personal growth. Previous topics have included: what the Bible really says about homosexuality, erotic narratives in the New Testament, leather community topics, photography, digital photography, nude modeling, improvisational acting, massage, crafts, stained glass, western dancing, square dancing, hula dancing, the local club experience, using a computer, etc.

Attendees are welcome to share their skills and experience by presenting a workshop or activity, see the online workshop presenter sign-up for details.

Several massage workshops are scheduled during the week which will include instruction for different types of massage. Massage tables are also available for those wishing to exchange massages separately from the massage workshops.

Body Painting at the Spring 2003 West Coast Gathering

Just for fun:
Some of the activities at the gathering are just for fun. These include body painting, human dessert decorating, “boy buck” auctions, and other activities at special events.

Craft Fair:
A craft fair will be held during the West Coast Gathering. It is expected to feature art, crafts, photos, accessories and other items created by men attending the gathering.

Social Hours:
From 5:00 to 6:30 each afternoon nearly everyone at the gathering attends the daily social hours. These offer a time to relax after the daytime activities and mingle with new and old friends.

To have fun, each day the social hour parties and evening events have a different theme. Gathering attendees are encouraged (but not required) to wear accessories that correspond to the theme for the evening. While nudity is still the overall rule, “costumes” can range from a simple cap to the creative.

Game Show Contestants Being Interviewed Spring 2003

Evening Game Shows:
After dinner each day, the evening activities begin with CMEN’s own version of what might be a familiar sounding game show. If you enjoy watching television game shows such as The Price is Right, Hollywood Squares and Wheel of Fortune, you will not want to miss these shows.

Evening Shows and Contests:
The highlight of the evenings at the West Coast Gathering are the evening shows. Evening shows may feature performances by popular comedians, musical performances, and talent shows on several evenings.

Contests several nights include the Mr. Buns CMEN, Mr. Bare Bear CMEN, Mr. Senior CMEN, Miss CMEN Queen contest on Wednesday evening, and Mr. CMEN Leather contest will highlight the final Friday evening.

Esteban Bartholo Mr. CMEN Leather 2106 with runners up Chris and Mike

After the evening show most evenings the assembly hall becomes a dance hall. Each evening will have a different dance theme. Some evenings will feature dance music from the 70’s and 80’s, other evenings will feature today’s dance and techno music.

Several afternoons will also include tea dances by the pool during the late afternoon.

Board Games and Cards:
From nightly bridge and bingo parties and board game nights to a casino night, these activities offer a great alternative after the evening shows for those who want a break from dancing. While we cannot gamble for money, prizes are offered for those with the most points at most of these activities.

Heated Olympic size pool is one of the most popular features of the Conference Center

Movies at CMEN’s West Coast Cinema are planned for afternoons and after most evening shows, including independent movies of special interest to the gay community. These also offer a great alternative for those who want a break from evening dancing.

Note: Planned activities may be subject to last minute changes.

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